Indiana Jones

Okay, last post guys. I'm just pretty proud of how the text turned out on this one. The tutorial was found here.

Media Communication

Here is my latest creation. My friend Artie in the Communication department here wanted a little something to let the kids know about the Media Comm major. Well I'm more than happy to oblige.

The original poster is from "The Day the Earth Stood Still," a wonderful sci-fi classic. I just love revamping old movie posters from the 30's-60's. Gorgeous colors. There always seems to be buxom woman fainting somewhere on the poster, too.


This is for a Pietism symposium that might be going down at Bethel sometime soon. I especially like the effect of the semi-transparent feather underneath the logo. That was a total and complete accident. I mean.... Uh... I meant to do that and it took me hours to achieve the effect! The background is from an illuminated manuscript. (Which is just fancy-pants terms for a very old, hand-written Bible with pretty pictures.)


This one was just for fun. I wanted to make a pretty desktop for myself. The woman in the image is Miss Betty Broadbent. She has become a hero of mine over the last few months. The original picture was taken while she was a contestant in the first televised Miss America pageant... and with a full body suit of tattoos no less! Again, incredible vectors from Arsenal.

As I was wrapping up this image, a friend of mine from the Psychology Department wanted me to whip something up for him. Well ask and ye shall receive, friend. Looks distractingly familiar, aye?!? Vectors are so awesome.


And this is the flier for the Classics Minor at Bethel. After everyone saw the Film Studies materials, I've received requests from a number of departments. That feels pretty nice.

The background consists of an old map, a photo of a rusty rock, three different types of vector images from Arsenal. (Go to this site... it is so wonderful, I might cry.)

Film Studies Promotion

My friend Joey heads up the film studies department at Bethel. I put this together for him as he himself failed the technology portion of his college education. As his tech class took place in 1982, this would mean that the overhead projector got the better of him.

The golden text that is running all across the piece is a collection of about 200 of the best films of all time and their directors. There is also a diagonal pattern of film reels as another layer. I'm quite proud of how it turned out, actually.

Wood Work

Hello all! I made this because Christine told me to. She was putting together something for a little known company that rhymes with "Schmoston Schmientific." I told her the word was spelled "T E X A S," but she just wouldn't listen. The instructions were from here. A great little site, if I do say so myself. The wood texture in the background is from an online catalog for wood wholesalers.

A few weeks ago, a student I work with told me that she needed some self-promotional materials for her business class. She thought that she would just whip something up in Publisher. I scoffed! Then I put this together for her, totally ripping off the "Taxus" piece above. But I think it works. I also created a letter head and some other personal stationary for her.